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  • What is the difference between a subscription and a single title license?
    A single title license is strictly limited to the relevant title and is valid for life. This license is for your personal or professional use (and may be used for many of your videos). On the other hand, our subscriptions allow you to access our entire music library with unlimited downloads. For each title you download during the term of your subscription, you can obtain a license certificate that authorizes you to use the title for yourself and your customers.
  • I sell projects to my clients, what are my licensing options?
    We recommend that you take out the subscription. One subscription is enough for all of your customers. Alternatively, you can purchase title by title for each of your clients.
  • I purchased a single title license or subscription and received a copyright claim from Lalason on YouTube, what can I do?
    When purchasing a single title license or subscribing to a subscription, it is important to whitelist your YouTube channels to avoid copyright claims. If you forgot to add your YouTube channel ID at the time of purchase and now receive a copyright claim, here are the steps to follow: Log in to your Lalason account and go to the “My channels” or “My videos” section. Add your YouTube channel ID to your account. You can also add videos where you used Lalason music to avoid any future complaints.
  • How can I ensure my YouTube channel is whitelisted to avoid copyright claims?
    YouTube uses recognition software to detect whether copyrighted music is used in your video. To avoid content claims for all your YouTube videos containing music you have licensed from Lalason, you must add your YouTube channel ID when purchasing the license or subscription or in your space Lalason for the videos concerned. When you add your channel ID, Lalason is able to recognize your YouTube channel and ensure that all claims related to Lalason music are automatically processed, without you having to take any further action. This can only be done with a license or subscription. To add your channel ID, you can enter it during checkout when purchasing a single track license or subscription. If you forgot to do it, you can always add it to your account via your member area in the "My channels" section. Log in to your account, "My Channels" in the left panel and enter your YouTube channel ID.
  • How to download tracks after subscription?
    Once you have purchased the subscription, you will be able to download the files by browsing our music library.
  • Will my one-year subscription be automatically renewed?
    Renewal is automatic. You will be billed again unless you decide to stop your subscription.
  • Where can I get an invoice for my purchases?
    You can download your invoice(s) from your account in the "Invoices" section.
  • I purchased a single track license and need my license certificate, where can I find it?
    You can download your license certificate from your account in the Downloads section.
  • I created a new YouTube channel; how do I add it to my account to ensure it is whitelisted and protected from copyright claims?
    You can add a new YouTube channel ID to your account through your account panel in the My Channels section.
  • Can I make a song or remix with your music?
    The music we offer is specially designed for use in audiovisual projects such as videos and web applications. It is strictly prohibited to create a song or remix from our music or use it to produce music. However, you can adapt our music to your film or video by editing it, cutting it, adjusting the track length or adding a voice-over.
  • Can I use your music for Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/etc.?
    Yes, you can use our music in your social media videos. However, you cannot register these videos with the Facebook/Instagram Rights Manager service or any other similar social media service.
  • Can I use your music for TikTok videos?
    Yes, our music can be used in TikTok videos.
  • Can I monetize my video with Lalason's music? How long ?
    Yes, you can monetize your videos. If you subscribe, all projects you create and publish to the networks are covered as long as your subscription is active.
  • I unsubscribe from Lalason. What is going on ?
    You no longer have access to the library and your sounds are no longer secure.
  • How can I put my music on Lalason?
    Send us your music by writing to us at You can send us a link to your music - this can be any type of platform (Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube or similar). Make sure we can access the links. We will contact you to follow up on your application.
  • What type of music is Lalason looking for?
    We are constantly on the lookout for new musical talent and would love to discover your music, no matter what genre you create. We seek to continually expand and diversify our catalog, and are therefore on the lookout for authentic artists and music creators to enrich our collection.
  • Why is Lalason encouraging me to leave my collecting society?
    In our ecosystem, it is essential that our music can be freely accessible to all our customers. We have been able to do this through our unique digital rights model which allows us to be the sole owners of the financial rights to our music. However, if an artist or music creator is affiliated with a collecting society due to exclusive affiliation contracts, this would not be possible. We hope this will change in the future.
  • How much will I earn as an artist or music creator by collaborating with Lalason?
    At Lalason, we pay our artists and music creators competitive rates upfront to acquire the rights to all the music in our catalog. The initial payment amount depends on several variables and may vary from title to title.
  • Where will my music be played?
    We distribute your music to platforms around the world. Potentially, it can be listened to everywhere. At this stage, the content creators will be the first relays of your composition.
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